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About Us

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Vusic Heals was established in 2023 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina by live music lovers, who whole heartedly believe in the healing power it brings.  We strive to infuse joy into the lives of those in need through unique, live music experiences.  We are proud to provide a wide range of experiences, such as single concert tickets, backstage experiences, music lessons or an all-inclusive VIP concert experience. 

It is our hope to offer a temporary escape from physical or emotional hardships and challenges. 

We believe that everyone deserves access to the healing power of music, and our goal is to make this a reality for as many people as possible.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Vusic Heals is to infuse joy and healing energy into people’s  lives through the transformative power of music.  We believe that music has the unparalleled ability to uplift spirits, foster connections, and inspire hope.  We are dedicated to providing access to live music experiences, creating healing musical moments and events that bring happiness and solace to individuals and families facing diverse life challenges.  Our commitment spans a wide spectrum of needs, from individuals seeking a moment of respite and escapism at a live show, but unable to afford a ticket, to crafting uplifting experiences for families struggling with the trials of mental, physical, health, or loss-related hardships.   We envision a world where the universal language of music is a source of comfort, healing, and unity for all.  At Vusic Heals, we harmonize the notes of compassion and generosity to foster positive change, one musical experience at a time.

Our Vision

We have witnessed firsthand what music can offer to someone in need and want to expand our reach as far as possible.  We hope to inspire others to use their talents and passions to come together and be a part of making these dreams come to fruition.  We know that this movement can only strengthen our community through healing and make the world a beautiful place to live in.

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